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"Be Ready" Active Shooter

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Corey Dobridnia: "This presentation is part of a series to make you aware of the emergencies

that could affect your installation or local community and the steps you can take to 'be ready'.

An active shooter is one or more persons who

participate in a random or systematic shooting, with the intent to continuously harm others.

Active shooter incidents are unpredictable and can take place in a split second.

Columbine High School and Sandy Hook Elementary School are reminders of just how unpredictable and

devastating these types of incidents can be. The military has a history of active shooter

incidents dating back almost two decades and victims of both communities, civilian and

military, have been affected. In recent years there have been shootings at Fairchild Air Force Base,

Fort Bragg, Andrews Air Force Base, Fort Hood, and the Washington Navy Yard.

Not being prepared to respond to an active shooter incident can have a disastrous outcome.

The best way to prepare for an active shooter incident is to create an Emergency Action Plan

before it is needed. Developing a plan will help you become familiar with your surroundings.

It will also help you in identifying any potential escape routes or an area that might

provide protection should an active shooter incident occur. Knowing where you are in relation

to the shooter could very well save your life. If you are outside the immediate incident

area when Lockdown is declared via the installations warning and notification systems, remain calm

and quickly determine the most reasonable way to protect your life.

Initiate facility Lockdown procedures and do not allow individuals to enter or exit the area during lockdown

until the all clear is announced. If you are inside the immediate incident area, decide

if you should escape, barricade, or fight. Try to escape if the shooter is not close

and you have a clear and safe path to an exit. Consider all windows and doors escape routes.

Notify others of your escape and make sure not to move toward the threat.

An option to consider when escaping is too dangerous is to create a barricade between

you and the active shooter. Close and lock all doors, move heavy objects;

such as, office furniture, printers, and tables in front of entry ways, remain quiet, cover

all windows, and turn off any light sources. Notifying local law enforcement of an active

shooter should always be considered, but only if you can do so safely.

Fight may be your only option and may offer you the best chance of survival

if you are directly confronted with the shooter. If you have no other option other than to

commit to the fight, don t stop. Throw objects at the shooter s head. Focus on weak points:

eyes, nose, groin, and throat. When you attack, hit hard, hit fast, and hit often.

When law enforcement arrives their main priority is to eliminate the threat. Remain calm, do

not panic, scream or yell. Spread your fingers and raise your hands.

Follow all instructions given by law enforcement. Once you are in a safe location you should

notify your leadership and family of your current status.

After the incident is over, you may have a hard time coping. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,

or PTSD, is the persistent mental and emotional stress occurring as a result of injury or

severe psychological shock. Make sure you are able to recognize the signs and ways to

cope with PTSD. Hopefully this information has helped you better

prepare for what to do before, during, and after an active shooter incident.

For more information, please take the time to visit your installation's Office of Emergency Management

or the 'Be Ready' web site. This has been Corey Dobridnia reporting for the Emergency Management

Division of the Air Force Civil Engineer Center. Stay Safe and Be Ready!"

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